travel essentials for a holiday with your mates

5 travel essentials for a holiday with your mates

If you’re jetting off with your friends this summer, it’s important that you turn up prepared if you want to have as much fun as possible. However, in the build up to your big trip, it’s easy to forget some of the essentials.

To keep you on track and help you have a great time without any hiccups, we’ve put together this pick of travel essentials. Don’t leave home without these if you’re heading off on a holiday with your mates.


We know, you’ve heard it all before. But it really does bear repeating — you have to be careful not to overdo it in the sun. While getting some sun is healthy, as it releases vitamin D — the “happiness vitamin” — in your body, going too far and getting burned can ruin your holiday, not to mention increase your risk of skin cancer.


So, make sure you stock up on plenty of sunscreen before you set off on your holiday. The NHS recommends you always go for lotion that is factor 15 or above and has at least a four-star UVA rating. It’s therefore a good idea to stock up while you’re at home and can make sure you get a sunscreen that ticks both of these boxes.

A phone charger and travel adapter

If your heading off on holiday in a big group, a fully-charged phone is going to be an essential. Without it, you won’t be able to get in touch with your friends if you get lost, call a taxi, consult Google maps or TripAdvisor, or capture the trip’s greatest moments on film. So, double check you’ve packed your phone charger before you leave home. If you’re heading abroad, be sure to pick up a universal travel adapter before you head off — this one from Maplin has two USB slots, meaning it can charge multiple smartphones and tablets at once, making it perfect for a group holiday.

A wireless speaker

Now that you’ve got the essentials sorted, it’s time to start thinking about entertainment. Nowadays, a holiday with your mates is complete without a wireless Bluetooth speaker. Bring this along and anyone can connect their phone and play DJ, whether you’re in your hotel room or at the beach.

wireless speakers

Wireless speaker technology has come on in leaps and bounds in the last few years, but if you’re looking for the best portable speaker around, opt for the waterproof Ultimate Ears Roll 2, which you can pick up from Currys with a two year guarantee and free next day delivery.

Personalised T-shirts

There’s no better way to make your mates holiday a trip to remember than getting your own personalised T-shirts printed. No one can take themselves seriously in a top with a gaudy design and a ridiculous nickname emblazoned on it, making this the perfect way of getting your whole party out of their shells and having fun.

However, it can be hard coming up with a design that’s going to put a smile on everyone’s faces on your own, so it’s a good idea to order your personalised T-shirts from a company like custom clothing specialist Custom Planet. They have a number of iconic designs you can easily tweak with your party’s nicknames, or they can print a design of your own creation if you’re feeling ambitious.

Your favourite hangover cure

If you’re planning on enjoying a few drinks while you’re away, it’s important you bring everything you need to quickly get back to your best the morning after. Everyone has their favourite hangover cure, so if something always works for you, make sure you bring plenty of it along for the journey. However, if you’re yet to find a remedy that works for you, follow BBC Good Food’s advice: line your stomach with dairy before you start drinking, avoid dark spirits (as they’re full of hangover-inducing congeners), and drink plenty of water before you hit the hay. On the morning after, avoid the hair of the dog and caffeine, as these will make your hangover worse. Instead rehydrate and refuel with lots of water and a healthy breakfast.


If you’re going away with your friends this summer, make sure you pack these five holiday essentials alongside the basics. Do this and your trip is sure to go as smoothly as possible for your and all your mates.

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