Top Tips for Traveling Alone Safe

6 Top Tips for Traveling Alone Safe

Traveling alone can be a wonderful experience as you’re able to create your own itinerary and participate in each and every activity that you only wish. That being said, traveling alone does come with several risks that stem from not having a travel companion by your side. This is precisely why it is extremely important to be extra careful when traveling alone. Here are six top tips to help you come back home safe and sound:


  1. Do Not Get Lost After Dark: It is great to be adventurous during the day; however, it is very important that you are on your way back to the area surrounding your hotel as the night approaches. This will avoid you from looking lost or disoriented and attracting unwanted attention from suspicious individuals.


  1. Do Not Share Taxis With Others: When traveling alone, it can be tempting to share taxis with others in order to get your costs down. This is precisely why it is important that you take your own taxis in order to avoid being involved in a closed car situation with someone you do not know. Furthermore, you do not want someone that you just met knowing where you are staying. By being careful with not trusting complete strangers, you will have a much safer trip.


  1. Keep Your Money in Two Places: Unfortunately, tourists can be robbed. The best way to prepare for a rainy day of that kind is to keep your money in several different places in order to avoid losing all of your cash. This will protect you if your debit card is stolen. Remember that when you are alone, losing your money is a major problem that is not easily resolved.


  1. Be Careful With Alcohol: When you are traveling alone, getting too intoxicated is never a wise choice. The reason for this is that you have no one to look out for you if you’ve had too many drinks. It is perfectly acceptable to try some cocktails; however, it is best to do so sparingly when you are new to a foreign city. Make sure to always keep an eye on your drink, too!


  1. Avoid Shared Room Hostels: Traveling alone means that you have to be ten times more diligent regarding your baggage. Staying in a hostel with fourteen bunks does not make your life easier as a solo traveler, to say the least. In fact, it actually provides you with a higher chance of being robbed. By investing in a room with a private bathroom you will be spending more, but your trip will be far less stressful overall.


  1. Bring One Suitcase: One of the detriments of traveling alone is that you do not have anyone to help you with your items. Thus, be sure that you limit your luggage to just one suitcase so that you can carry it with ease and can save up some extra time while preparing to move to the next destination on your solo journey.


Traveling alone can be a very rewarding experience. That being said, you have to be extra careful regarding your safety when there is no one else to rely on. It is best to have additional money stored in the event of an emergency and to not venture out too far after dark. When consuming alcohol be careful to keep an eye on your drink and to not drink too much. Abiding by these rules will guarantee you have a meaningful trip that does not have any of the common pitfalls that so many solo travelers experience. Be sure to set yourself up for success on your next trip and you will be able to focus on what’s most important – creating a wonderful life experience for yourself.



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