Adventure Sports Holidays

Adventure Sports Holidays in the UK

New Zealand may be the so-called extreme sports capital of the world and Mexico may offer adventure sport hotspots where you can enjoy things like freshwater cave diving or rappelling down waterfalls, but you don’t always need to travel so far afield to get a little adventure. For such a small but beautiful island there are a lot of exciting activities to be experienced in the UK.

Tree Surfing

In the woodlands of the Tamar Valley near Tavistock just a 30 minute drive down the road from Plymouth – Britain’s ocean city – in the picturesque county of Devon, home to beautiful sandy beaches, medieval towns and stunning national parks you’ll find Tree Surfers.
Tree Surfing
When you take on tree surfing you’ll be negotiating a whole host of obstacles throughout the woodland from the forest floor to up in the trees. It will really get your adrenaline pumping and your heart will start racing as you climb a range of ladders, walk over the rope bridges and network of walkways, as well as jumping onto the zip wires. You’re always strapped in to a harness throughout your whole tree top adventure so as you take in the beautiful greenery of the Tamar Valley surrounding you you can be reassured that you’re in safe hands.


There are so many places in the UK to enjoy this thrilling water sport, whether you’ve never taken to the water to kite surf before or you’re a seasoned pro looking for a new location to enjoy your favourite sport there is somewhere that everyone will enjoy. The coastal town of Poole in Dorset is often regarded as the home for UK water sports because of the range of kitesurfing opportunities as well as wakeboarding and water skiing available here. Poole is perfect for beginners and intermediates alike, with the shallow harbour ideal for your first kitesurfing jaunts whereas those that are more advanced can enjoy the swells further out.
Kite Surfing
On the beaches of Cornwall you’ll find pros like Lee Pasty – a British Kitesurfing Wave Champion – where Gwithian is known for some of the best swells the Atlantic has to offer and if you travel a bit further south to St Ives Bay or Bluff you can enjoy more flat water spots as well as some incredible waves. The idyllic beaches of Cornwall aren’t just reserved for the elite though as there are a number of schools offering lessons to those who have never had a go before such as The Hoxton Special, but only when the conditions are a bit calmer.


Abseiling is a great alternative challenge for those that love an adrenaline rush, traditionally a tool in the mountaineering toolbox used to manoeuvre and descend steep slopes or rock faces but is enjoyed by many as a hobby. You can take part in this activity all over the UK, there are so many venues and locations to enjoy abseiling. If you’re looking for natural beauty in your abseil experience take a trip to the Lake District in Cumbria where River Deep Mountain High – an activities operator – can take you on an adventure to a range of different rock faces while experience the local scenery as you look out over Morecambe Bay and discover old mining caves and tunnels.
The UK is also home to the National Abseil Centre located in Northampton which is the world’s tallest permanent abseiling tower with a drop totalling 400ft. A height of 400ft can seem a bit daunting especially if it’s your first descent so if you’re not feeling up to the full height the centre also offers you the option to start your abseil from just 200ft instead which still allows you plenty of time to practice your technique on your way down.


Follow the footsteps of Andre Garnerin, the Frenchman who pioneered skydiving back in the 18th century when he took to his hot air balloon with his parachute and took a leap of faith. Since Garnerin made his jump all those years ago skydiving has become an incredibly popular sport with over 3.1 million dives taking place annually.
Sky Diving
If you’re an adrenaline junkie you will love the thrill of a skydive, jumping from 15,000ft allows you to reach speeds of up to 130mph and freefall for anything from 45 to 80 seconds. North London Skydiving in Cambridgeshire offers to film your skydive for you so you can always remember your experience of freefalling and parachuting over the scenic countryside and take in the quant patchwork of fields and farms.

Ice Climbing

The United Kingdom is known for its stereotypical cold and dreary weather but did you think it was cold enough for there to be an ice wall in the heart of the capital? So it might not be cold enough for an ice wall to appear by itself anywhere in the UK, Covent Garden however is home to an indoor wall inside the Ellis Brigham store.
Ice Climbing
You can go from shopping to attempting a climb of an ice wall in a -7 degree Celsius room in minutes, after you get kitted out with all of the gear you get to spend an hour with one-to-one tuition to help you master the skill at ascending the wall. The ice cold air being blown at you by a fan really adds to the feeling that you could be in fact be in the Arctic right now and not the bustling capital city.

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