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Best places to visit while traveling on the budget

You’d be surprised to learn how many destinations are available to those who travel on a tight budget. Just because you don’t want to splurge on your vacation doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice your passion for traveling. Even countries considered expensive are quite budget friendly if you know key tricks for saving up. Here are 8 destinations where you can get most value for your money and avoid spending way more than you expected.


South Korea

South Korea

One of the undiscovered budget destinations, South Korea is a great choice if you’re a fan of high-tech, incredible food and great nightlife. Accommodation and transport are completely affordable, and the quality is out of this world. A typical Korean BBQ feast complete with drinks will cost you no more than £8-9 and you can pick up a beer for less than a pound.



Rydges Hideaway Resort Fiji
Pacific Island destinations are often considered expensive and full of exclusive tourist resorts. The truth about Fiji is that you can enjoy its beautiful beaches and world-class diving without breaking the bank. There’s a small backpacker community on Fiji which inspired the creation of cheap guesthouses and transportation, making this stunning island into a truly budget-friendly destination.


Eastern Europe

Kiev Eastern Europe
When it comes to Europe, expect prices to go down in its Eastern region. Countries like Poland, Ukraine, Moldova or Romania offer good quality accommodation and transport for a relatively low price. With £40 a day, you can expect wonders. You won’t find hordes of tourists and you’ll get to experience all the charm this part of Europe has to offer.



Angkor Cambodia
Practically the entire Southeast Asia could easily fall into the budget holiday category, but Cambodia is a real gem because of its beauty and incredible hospitality of the locals. A private, air-conditioned room will cost you no more than £20. Expect to pay some £2 for a delicious street food dinner. Spending £50 a day, you’ll be living like a king.


Central America

Honduras, Roantan, Island, Beach
This heavenly budget destination is perfect for those who want to make the most from their holidays. In countries like Nicaragua, Guatemala, El Salvador or Honduras you can eat delicious local food, visit breathtaking ancient ruins and surf all day long without having to mortgage your house. Most budget hotels charge around £15 per night, and you can get some great meals for as little as £3! Transportation is very cheap as well. As long as you steer clear of bad neighborhoods, you’re going to have the time of your live.



India, Cenotaph
India is a classic budget destination, but now it’s become even cheaper. Sure, you might spend a lot booking nights at 5-star hotels and eating exclusively Western food, but what’s the point? Following the locals, you won’t be spending more than £50 a day. Choosing cheaper hostels, avoiding Western food and taking second class trains will help you save up to £30 a day.



Portugal Tivoli Almansor
Western Europe is generally pretty expensive, but Portugal is a nook not many people expect to be as cheap as it is in reality. The country is absolutely stunning and the coastline is to die for. You won’t find swarms of tourists, and enjoy local wines and treats at bargain prices. Portugal is a real eye candy available to everyone traveling on a budget.



Hong Kong China

It takes a while to get there, but once you do, you’ll enjoy well-priced food and quality accommodation. Transport is cheap as well, so prepare to roam this impressive country with ease and pleasure. Choosing your meals, go for local instead of Western – you’ll be able to save up lots of money and experience the real nature of this multi-faceted country.


Traveling on a budget, you’ll not only get to visit beautiful destinations, but also truly blend in with the locals and enjoy their way of life in a way that no other tourist can ever dream of.


About the author: Elizabeth Lee is an adventurous and independent traveler who enjoys visiting less famous places all around the world. She is also a part of PACK & SEND which she supports through her blogging.



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