Everything that will inspire you to travel Malaysia

Malaysia is known as a beautiful and vibrant country and it is portrayed by the very effective slogan: Malaysia – Truly Asia, as it brings the rich culture and tradition of countries of Asia. It is a pot pourri of various cultures and faith as people with different ethnic backgrounds have brought various types of food habits, traditions and religious practice to this stunning country. The floodplain teems with exotic forest life and to match the contrast there are also sandy beaches where you can surf and sunbathe along with enjoying various fun filled activities. Malaysia is indeed a holiday destination for travelers of all kind, whether it is adventure or history, leisure or culture or a mix bag of everything, this lovely country will not fail to impress. Here are the major attractions in Malaysia that will give you more than enough reasons to visit:

Stunning Beaches for Perfect Sun and Sand Holidays
Beaches in Malaysia
When it comes to beaches, there runs thousands of miles of coastline since the country is located in a peninsula. Although the western coastline is swampy and full of mangroves but the small offshore islands consists of some of the most exotic beaches. When we talk about Langkawi archipelago, it has some pristine beaches with clear blue water and white sand which attract most of the tourists. There are other beaches such as Kampung Juara on Tioman island which has tiny huts to spend time at the beach. Pehang is also a great place for a beach holiday. Not only that, you can enjoy various water sports at these pristine beaches. The Mabul and Mataking Islands along with Sipadan Island are the places where you can enjoy scuba diving and see the aquatic life. Langkawi is the island where you can enjoy sailing. The banana boat is a perfect ride along with wakeboarding in which you flip in the air. Also, you can go for parasailing offering a unique adrenaline rush.

Charming City Life
Kuala Lumpur
Among the major cities and tourist places which can be visited is Kuala Lumpur. The capital city is famous for the Petronas Twin towers that stands 1483 foot high and is reckoned to be the world’s tallest twin building. The other famous places to see in Kuala Lumpur are Central Market and Hindu shrine at Batu Caves . Also, the historic Jamek Mosque is also situated here. If you go towards Penang Island then Georgetown is the major tourist centre. There is also Jade Emperor’s Temple and Chor Soo Keng Temple to add a spiritual touch to the city.  The gorgeous Malacca State of Malaysia is also a great option to witness the cool meld of urban city life and the old world charm. The city boasts architecture made by European Colonists.

Beauty of Rich Biodiversity
Malaysia Wildlife
When it comes to wildlife nothing can beat this beautiful country which will inspire you to explore more. Covered with mangrove forests, lush rain forests and offshore coral reefs, Malaysia is one of the most bio diverse countries in the world according to World Wildlife Fund. The country is also home to endangered species such as tigers, rhinoceros, turtles and Orangutans. The lovely Taman Negara National Park is a perfect place to explore the rich wildlife of Malaysia. Another must-see is the Sepilok Orangutan Sanctuary in Borneo portion of Malaysia which is the most visited place by tourists where you can see several dozens of Orangutans roaming freely. Mount Kinabalu which is also in Borneo is the tallest mountain in this region and is open for climbing.

Thrilling Malaysian Grand Prix
Malaysian Grand Prix Formula One
The most thrilling thing to watch in Malaysia is the Malaysian Grand Prix Formula One racing event which is held every year in Sepang and is one of the most famous circuits around the world. The track is dangerous and challenging for the drivers with 15 harrowing turns along with straightaways allowing the drivers to clock speeds of up to 200 mph. The unpredictable rains make the track even more dangerous. It is a great venue for spectators as 130,000 people can be accommodated at one time to watch this grand annual event.

Adventure at its Best
Mullu National park
The diverse topography of Malaysia makes it an amazing destination for adventures. For thrill seekers, trekking and caving are the two popular activities to indulge in Malaysia. The country is known for the World’s largest cave chamber in Mullu National park at Sarawak. The park has a collection of natural caves that make great destination for caving along with some beautiful trails for trekking. The hikes range from short and easy ones to long and strenuous ones but each of them is truly rewarding. Bukit Tabur, Pine Tree Hill and Rhodo Hill, Monkey Beach, Bukit Saga, Penang Hill, Gunung Angsi, Cameron Highlands and Gunung Ledang are the trails that can add to your beautiful experience of Malaysia.

Diverse Food with Memorable Taste
Malaysia Food
Like its population, Malaysia has huge diversity in food, the country is probably one of the best places to enjoy cuisine of India, China and its own. If you talk about the dishes to savour, Malaysia has many varieties to offer, one such popular delicacy is known as Kuih Kochi, which is a kind of dumpling. Also, one can taste Lemang which is a traditional food.  Murtabak, a kind of a pancake is popular nationwide and so is the Otak-Otak which is a type of cake made from fish meat and spices.

Opulent History and Historical Monuments
Malaysia should be appreciated for maintaining the perfect balance. The country has preserved its history well and even amidst its most developed cities like Kuala Lumpur, traces  of its rich history can be seen.  It has many heritage buildings such as OCBC and Gian Singh buildings. Then there is Oriental building along with the old city hall. One can also visit the Textile museum that offers a glimpse of trade in ancient Malaysia. Along with these, Gua Niah in Miri Sarawak, Makam Mahsuri in Lankawai, Lembah Bujang in Kedah, Batu Bersurat Terengganu, Istana Lama Sri Meranti in  Negri Sembilan, Bukit Cina and St Paul Historical Complex in Malacca and Fort cornwallis in Penang are some of the best places for learning more about the rich history of Malaysia.

Malaysia is everything and much more that you can imagine it to be. It is one of the best options for a unique, diverse holiday. Time to start planning a trip to this amazing South Asian destination.

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