Best things to do in Ibiza

The 10 Best Things To Do In Ibiza (apart from clubbing)

Ibiza is famous for its nightlife and parties but it also has plenty of cultural, historical sights and things to do. Here is our guide for the top 10 things to see and do on your next Ibiza holiday, other than clubbing.


View the mystical island of Es Vedra
Es Vedra Ibiza
You can see Es Vedra both on a boat and also from the mainland. Es Vedra is said to be the third most magnetic spot on the planet (after the north pole and Bermuda Triangle) and a great place to view during day or night especially at sunset.


Enjoy some peace, love & happy shopping at a Hippy Market. 
Ibiza Hippy Market
Ibiza is famous for its Hippy markets. The two biggest are the Punta Arabi market every Wednesday throughout the summer in Es Cana and the Las Dalias market on Saturdays in San Carlos.


Delight in horse riding through the forests and mountains of northern Ibiza.
Horse Riding Ibiza
Situated near to San Juan, the Ibiza Horse Valley offer an amazing horse-riding trek through the stunning mountains and forests of northern Ibiza on their team of friendly rescue horses.


Watch the sunset at Cafe Del Mar
Ibzia Sunset
Cafe del Mar in San Antonio is the most popular spot to watch the famous Ibiza sunset. With a lovely seating area and beautiful bar which serves a wide selection of classic drinks.


Go on a boat trip to Aquarium Cap Blanc
Aquarium Cap Blanc
The Aquarium Cap Blanc is a unique place located inside a natural cave and has a wide selection of different marine species typical to Ibiza.


Go Scuba diving
Scuba diving Ibiza
Ibiza boasts fantastic diving sites, including the national park of Las Salinas. Conditions are ideal for scuba diving with clear water and water temperatures of up to 26 degrees.  You can also grab pair of goggles or a mask and snorkel and enjoy some snorkelling in one of the island’s many stunning bays and coves.


Catch some waves at Surf Lounge in San Antonio
Surf Lounge
Surf Lounge Ibiza is a great place to practice fun water sport activities mixing fun and adrenaline. Learn to surf on the Flowrider (Pictured above) or enjoy other water based activities including Paddle Surfing, Kayaking, Jet Sky, Flayboard and Speed Boats.


Visit Ibiza Castle in Ibiza Town
Castle of Ibiza
A lovely walk through the castle and the surrounding old town of Ibiza. This is a great place for eating and drinking, both during the night or the day.


Enjoy at tipple at the Sa Cova Winery
Sa Cova wines
The Sa Cova Winery is a family run vineyard offering amazing views, a warm and friendly welcome along with wine tasting and tapas.


Visit the famous Cova de Can Marca in San Miguel
Can Marca Caves
The underground caverns of the Cueva Can Marca in San Miguel are an amazing sight with formations of stalagmites and stalactites creating a unique backdrop.  At the heart is a spectacular music and light show with a 30 foot cascade of diamond-bright water.



Ibiza is definitely an amazing clubbing and party holiday destination with world famous clubs, but it also offers much more! Experience the more tranquil side to Ibiza and see what makes this unique Mediterranean island truly magical.

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