Hiking Trails In The US

The Five Most Beautiful Hiking Trails In The US

Although people from all across the world like to go on walks, hiking is an activity that Americans have a special affinity for. There are all kinds of beautiful and accessible trails to explore in the US.

While any intrepid explorer can find a place to hike, some trails are more exciting than others. Below are the most beautiful hiking trails in US. These scenic paths stand apart from the rest.

1. The Narrows
Zion National Park, The Narrows
Located in Utah’s Zion National Park, The Narrows is one of the most unique trails in the entire world. The path hikers follow was naturally carved out by the Virgin River over the course of millennia.

On the trail, hikers will be able to admire the stunning rock formations above them, and gaze at the lovely blue-green water below them. Because the trail is along the river, most hikers will get wet as they explore this path. However, the hike can be completed in less than a day, and hikers will have plenty of opportunities to dry off.

2. West Maroon Creek Trail
Maroon Pass
Hikers will find a number of beautiful trails along Colorado’s Rocky Mountains, but one path stands apart from the rest. The West Maroon Creek Trail will take hikers through a stunning glacial valley before guiding them uphill towards the Maroon Pass. The mountain views are truly breathtaking.

Because of its high altitude, hikers have the option of getting a lift up to the start of the trail. A number of cozy accommodations can also be found where the trail ends. Hikers can rest up before getting a ride back down.

3. The Harding Icefield Trail
Harding Icefield Trail
The Harding Icefield Trail looks completely different from other famous trails in the US. The path, which is located in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park, provides hikers with an incredible view of snow and glaciers. The Icefield that the trail is named for is more than 300 square miles in size. Hikers will also be able to catch a glimpse of the beautiful Resurrection River.

While a trail surrounded by ice may seem like a challenge, this path will be easy for experienced hikers to navigate. It’s only four miles long and there are plenty of places for travelers to rest along the way.

4. The Black Angel Trail
Black Angel Trail White Mountain National Forest
While some hiking trails get crowded, there are a few scenic paths that are mostly undiscovered. The Black Angel Trail, located in New Hampshire’s White Mountain National Forest, gives travelers a chance to become one with the wilderness. Travelers will get a spectacular view of the local mountains, and will be surrounded by a wide variety of trees. If hikers take on the trail in October, they will be surrounded by the rich colors of New England’s famous autumn leaves.

This hike is long and fairly challenging. It’s nearly 17 miles in length, and includes a great deal of steep and rocky terrain. Although a few campgrounds can be found along the trail, there are few rest stops. Hikers will need to be prepared for a true challenge.

5. Grand Canyon National Park
Grand Canyon USA
The Grand Canyon is one of the most beautiful places in the world, so it stands to reason that its hiking trails would be just as beautiful. This trail allows hikers to experience the best possible views of these breathtaking vistas.

There are several different trails for hikers to choose from. While Mather Point is one of the most popular trails, the Rim Trail provides excellent views and a nice challenge. Because the weather in Arizona is so hot, hikers will need to carry plenty of water with them regardless of the trails they choose.

The United States is home to some of the most incredible trails in the entire world. Hikers should make a point of walking along some of these breathtaking trails and taking in the beauty and nature that the world has to offer.

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