The world's greatest marathon events

The world’s greatest marathon events

The biggest and best marathon events around the world. Run through stunning and historic scenery in some of the most amazing locations.


The London Marathon
London Marathon
One of the worlds’ most famous long distance races the London Marathon has now had over 1 million finishers. It is run over a largely flat course around the River Thames with all the famous London landmarks spanning the 42km.Taking place annually in April it is popular for all levels of abilities and famous for its charity runners, which includes the bulk of the thirty thousand or more runners, with many in fancy dress. It even holds a Guinness world record for the largest annual fund raising event in the world.


Australia Outback Marathon
Australia Marathon
One of the most picturesque marathons around the world, the Australian Outback Marathon, is truly a once in a lifetime experience.  The 26.2miles takes runners through Australia’s famed “Red Earth” with amazing views of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and Kata Tjuta (the Olgas).  This spectacular race starts and ends in front of Ayres Rock with spectators and runners witnessing the shifting lights around the deserts. A race for all levels of runners, there are different events ranging from the full marathon of 26.2 miles or 42kms, to the shorter distances of half marathons going down to 6km runs for beginners.  This marathon takes place annually in July which is the middle of the Australian winter meaning the temperatures are less harsh, the course is relatively flat, with only a couple inclines and sand dunes. The red earth of central Australia is waiting.


New York Marathon
New York Marathon
One of the longest running and most popular, the New York marathon attracts over 50,000 runners each year. When it started over 45 years ago in 1970 only 55 runners finished but in 2013 a total of 50,304 finished the iconic race.  Taking place each year in November the course takes runners through the 5 districts of New York going past some of the worlds’ most famous landmarks. The atmosphere is incredible with over two million people cheering runners along. Run through the’ Big Apple’ in the largest World Marathon Major, the most iconic 26.2 miles in marathon history.


Tokyo Marathon
Tokoyo Marathon
The Tokyo Marathon takes place in late February each year and started in 2007, unlike many other marathons it was huge in its first year attracting over 25,000 runners.  The course takes runners all through the main tourist attractions of Tokyo and has a unique theme, known as “The Day We Unite”, which unites runners, volunteers, and spectators on race day.


Las Vegas Marathon
Vegas Marathon
The Las Vegas Marathon is one of the most unique opportunities for marathon runners of all backgrounds, through the flashy Las Vegas Strip. The race takes place in December and starts at 4.30pm just as the sun goes down on Las Vegas Boulevard. With live entertainment from start to finish and a post-race festival this high energy race is unlike anything you may have experienced before. There are also 5k, 10k and half marathons meaning runners of all abilities can join the party. A new marathon on the scene, it is now in its 3rd year and continues to grow in popularity.

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