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Top three India luxury trains that you should not miss

I have travelled a lot in luxury trains in India and in the rest of the world. I would like to give you my list of India luxury trains that you should definitely travel at least once in your lifetime. First of all, these luxury trains are the upgraded replicas of the coaches that were used by the royal families in India to travel from one state to another. With these trains, you can travel and live like a royal heir for a few days as you enjoy the heritage filled country.

Palace on Wheels
Palace on wheels
This was the first of all India luxury trains and very lavishing too. There are 14 salons named after the provinces in Rajasthan. There are two restaurants, one bar, lounge, spa and others. There are a lot of wonderful amenities inside the cabin like live TV, LCD screen, internet, safe, butler, fully equipped bathroom and many others. This is the right train to explore the royal Rajasthan. It is the best of all India luxury trains and the fourth best in the world. I once went before the relaunch in 2009 and it was really a new experience when I rode the train again in 2011. Thus, if you had visited this train before 2009, you ought to check out the new services and amenities in the train. There are different tours that ranges from 8 days to 13 days taking you to Delhi, Jaipur, Udaipur, Chittorgarh, Jodhpur, Agra and many others.

The Maharajas’ Express
Maharajas’ Express Train in India
This is the newest of all India luxury trains. Thus, it goes without saying that it has all the new amenities in it. Starting from dining bar to internet, there are a lot of amenities inside the cabin. You can choose one of the five different journey paths in this five-star service styled train. There are a lot of different types of meals that you can get like vegetarian, non-vegetarian, gluten free, Jain mean, vegan meal, lactose free meal, ovo lacto veg meal and so on. The cabins are named after the name of semi-precious and precious stones that you can find in the country. There is a lounge room where you can relax in resting chair and watch the sceneries go by in the panoramic view windows. The room also has a small library and a few board games to enjoy. The Treasure Chest is the souvenir shop that has a lot of interesting items to buy.

Golden Chariot
Golden Chariot
Enough about the North India; there are quite a few South Indian luxury trains too and the Golden Chariot is the one is making its place in my India luxury train list. The Golden Chariot is a luxury train that runs in the state of Karnataka and Goa. There are 19 coaches coloured primarily with purple and mild gold. There are many luxurious amenities like spa, gym, conference hall, lounge room, bar and many others. There are two different journeys you can choose in this train. Both the tours take 8 days to complete. The Pride of South tour takes you to Karnataka and Goa alone. But, the Southern Splender takes you to Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala. You get to enjoy the backwaters too.

Other honourable mentions are the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels and Deccan Odyssey. In my opinion, The Palace on Wheels is a pioneer to the Royal Rajasthan on Wheels. This is just my list. If you think that you would be spending a lot more money by booking these trains, it is totally worth every penny that you would be spending. The train will create a wonderful memory that would etch you long. This is the perfect way of enjoying all royal heritages of India like forts, monuments, palaces, Havelies, heritage hotels, artificial lakes, mind blowing backwaters and many others. There are a lot of luxury train packages India from which you can choose one. Remember to pick the destinations that you want to enjoy and then choose a train that would take you to those destinations.

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