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Cairo is one of the most fascinating holiday destinations in the world and should impress even the most travel worn of tourists. Cairo is the largest city in Africa and although it can be a little difficult to get around, it makes for a fascinating and enjoyable city break. If you don't mind a fast pace of lifestyle and want to experience a particularly amazing and unique destination, then Cairo should certainly be at the top of your list of holiday priorities.

Things to do on a Cairo holiday

Cairo of course is most famous for the Pyramids of Giza. Giza is actually a part of Cairo and one of the outer suburbs, so it is not difficult to get there from wherever you are staying in the city or nearby. There are also plenty of museums and other places of interest in Cairo. There is certainly more to Egypt than just the Pyramids, however, although an Egyptian visit certainly wouldn't be complete without visiting them.If you want to get away from the hustle and bustle of busy daily life in Cairo, you could try a cruise down the River Nile. One of the longest rivers in the world, the Nile is particularly breathtaking and unique, and is definitely worth a proper look if you are going to this part of the world.You should also take the time to visit Old Cairo. It is full of impressive ancient buildings and a wealth of culture, being the site of many cities and settlements that have existed throughout history, formally the capitals of old Kingdoms.

Getting to Cairo

Getting to Cairo and finding good quality accommodation is not hard at all. offers all inclusive city breaks which are very good value using the booking form on this page. There are also a number of fairly cheap airlines flying to Cairo on a regular basis, and hotel options are always competitively priced.