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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Which services can you provide?

A. We can arrange your flights and accommodation, plus a whole range of other services. Please call 01708 412 134 for more information

Q. How can I stay aware of the latest Travel Soon deals?

A. Please keep checking our site regularly. You can also subscribe to our monthly newsletter.

Q. Will my holiday be cheaper if I book a late deal?

A. It depends on several factors. Late deals often cost more for popular destinations at peak times of the year. This is because the best deals get taken early. However, if you’re flexible with your destination and travelling dates, it’s possible to get a very cheap late deal

Q. Will I receive confirmation on my booking?

A. We will send a confirmation email as soon as you’ve completed the online booking process. This will be sent to the email address that you specified when booking. This will contain the details of your holiday, your reference number, and a breakdown of all costs that have been paid.

It is very important that you check all details on the confirmation. Make sure you check that all names are spelt correct. Please call 01708 412 280   if you see an error or require another copy.

Q. What do you take into account when recommending hotels?

A. All Travel Soon recommendations are carefully chosen by members of our team. This is after speaking to suppliers, and assessing their facilities and services.

Q. What is the definition of a Tour Operator?

A. A tour operator is a company that arranges several different services to create a holiday. This usually involves flights and hotels, but can also include extras such as transfers and car hire. These are all packaged together for one holiday price.

Q. What does ATOL and ABTA MEAN?

A. ATOL is a protection scheme for all flights arranged through its members. It is managed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), and will insure you against events such as airlines collapsing. Not all holidays sold are protected by the ATOL scheme, please check with your agent for more information. Visit for more information

We are Members of ABTA with membership number P6628. ABTA and ABTA Members help holidaymakers to get the most from their travel and assist them when things do not go according to plan. We are obliged to maintain a high standard of service to you by ABTA’s Code of Conduct. For further information about ABTA, the Code of Conduct and the arbitration scheme available to you if you have a complaint, contact ABTA, 30 Park Street, London SE1 9EQ.
Q. Can I book my holiday insurance through TravelSoon?

A. We can provide a low-cost travel insurance policy from our trade partners. Please click here ( for a range of travel insurance policies.

Q. Can I book car hire with my holiday?

A. Yes we can arrange car hire for you. Please add this on your basket page, call us on 01708 412 280 or click here ( for car hire from over 800 companies in over 160 countries.

Holiday Destinations
Q. How can I check on safety issues in particular countries?

A. Please visit . It’s updated regularly on all reported safety issues for British travellers.

Q. Is it important to tip when on holiday?

A. The tipping culture is often much stronger abroad than in the UK. Workers often receive a lower basic wage, and rely on tips to make up the rest of their income. It’s often expected that you tip waiters, taxi drivers and some other service staff at your accommodation. Anything around the 10% mark is usually is acceptable. The tipping culture usually varies between countries though, so please read up on this before visiting.

Q. Which payment methods are available?

A. We accept the following payment methods:

  • Switch/Maestro
  • Master Card
  • Visa
  • Delta
  • Bank Transfer
  • Cheque

Full payment is required if you book online. If you are travelling within 13 weeks, all other booking methods may also require full payment require full payment. It is possible to pay by deposit if your booking more than 13 weeks before your departure date. The balance must be paid 13 weeks before departure at the latest.

For balances debit and credit cards can be utilised as well as cheque payments, made payable to Your booking reference needs to be clearly detailed on the reverse of the cheque. Bank transfers can also be made, Please use the lead surname and booking reference when making the transfer. If payment is made via this method your payment cannot be tracked unless the Administration Department is notified of the transaction.

Q. I would rather not pay the whole balance up front. Can I pay using a deposit scheme?

A. Yes, if you book over the phone we can often arrange a deposit scheme, where you can pay off the balance within a certain timeframe. Please call 01708 412 134 for more information.

Q. What's included in my holiday price?

A. As a general rule, a holiday includes return flights (and airport taxes), the stipulated accommodation, and transfers. If transfers are not included in the holiday price, you will be informed during the booking process and given the option to add on flight meals/resort transfers /car hire.

Q. Is there a Charge for using a credit or debit card for payments?

A. In line with the Payment Services Regulations 2017, as of 13/01/2018 debit and credit card fees no longer apply to personal card transactions. This also includes American Express transactions.

Q. Should I be aware of any extra charges?

A. All charges are stated on the basket page.

Q. Do I need to pay for Transfers?

A. You can add these on the basket page, or call our sales team to book them over the phone. All of our transfers are return, unless requested otherwise.

Q. When will my tickets arrive?

A. Your tickets should arrive 7-10 days before departure. If the booking is made within 2 weeks of your departure date, most operators will arrange for your tickets to be collected at the airport. Occasionally, the may charge a small extra fee for arranging this.

Q. What is Tickets on departure (commonly known as TOD)?

A. A Ticket on Departure (TOD) is issued if you are travelling within 14 days from the booking date. These tickets will have to be collected from the airport on the day of departure, from the relevant operator’s desk.

Q. If I book late, how will I receive my tickets?

A. If the booking is made less than 2 weeks before departure date, you may have to collect your tickets from the operator's desk at the airport on the day of departure.

Q. Why have my tickets not arrived?

A. Please contact us if your tickets have not arrived 10 days or less before departure date on 01708 412 280

Q. What is TravelSoon’s privacy policy?

A. Please view our terms and conditions if you would like to know which information we hold about our customers. This includes how it is stored and how it is used.

Instalment Payments

On certain applicable bookings you can pay for your Travel Arrangements in instalments. We will tell you at the time of booking how many instalments there will be, the amount of each instalment, and the payment due dates. This will be confirmed on your booking paperwork. Our administration fee of £3.00, which covers our administration costs for managing multiple payments, will be payable in relation to each instalment.

Travelsoon will endeavour to automatically clear the stipulated funds on the agreed dates as detailed on your paperwork. Please ensure that adequate funds are available on these dates as if the scheduled payment fails for any reason, then the remainder of the payment plan will be void, and our standard terms and conditions will preside, and we will notify you of the new balance due date that we must receive total cleared funds by. If the collecting of an instalment was unsuccessful for any reason, then your booking will also be subject to an increased administration fee of £10.00, which must be paid along with the remaining balance.

Failure to pay on the agreed dates may result in the cancellation of your booking. If you choose to cancel a booking that is subject to instalment payments, then additional fees may be payable. You will be advised of these costs at the time of cancellation.

Should you wish to pay for your Travel Arrangements in part or in full at any time after an instalment plan is entered into, then you are entitled to do so, and the remainder of your instalment plan will be adjusted accordingly to reflect this.

Should you want to make a change to your booking that means that you need to pay an amendment fee, then the amendment fee must be paid at the time that you make the change, and this fee cannot be included in your instalment payments.

Luggage & Check-In
Q. How much baggage allowance will I have?

A. Most airlines have a baggage allowance of 15kg (33 lbs) or 20kg (44 lbs) per person. All Baggage is weighed at check-in. Most airlines do not allow any single piece of baggage to weigh over 23kg, even when a family is sharing. Please check your tickets to view your airline’s policy.

Q. How much baggage allowance do children get?

A. Children under 2 not receive any allowance. However, most airlines allow prams, buggies and car seats at no extra additional cost. Please check with your airline if you have any additional queries. Alternatively you can contact  Customer Services

Q. What is my hand luggage allowance?

A. Passengers may take one small piece of hand luggage each. This must weigh under 5kgs (11 lbs) and the maximum dimensions are usually 45 cm by 35 cm by 20 cm. There is often a basket by check in that your hand luggage will need to fit inside. Several items must not be taken board for security reasons.

Q. Can I take liquids in my hand luggage?

A. Some liquids are allowed provided they meet the following criteria

  • Their container is no larger than 100 millilitres
  • A transparent re-sealable or zip-top plastic bag is used for storing each container. The capacity must not exceed 20 cm x 20 cm (8 inches x 8 inches) in dimensions, or one litre in capacity. Sometimes these are provided at check in, but customers may be responsible for bringing their own re-sealable plastic bag.
  • The bag must be sealed and each of the contents must be clearly visible

For the latest info on security regulations, please visit the British Airports Authority website.  The web address is

For additional advice on passing through check in as smoothly as possible, please visit Airport Security from the Department for Transport website.   The web address is

Q. Are there charges for excess baggage?

A. If your baggage weighs more than the airline allowance, you may need to pay excess charges. These will be payable at the check in desk.

Q. Can I increase my baggage allowance?

A. Most airlines allow passengers to increase baggage allowance for a small fee if they are notified in advance. If you would like to do this, please contact our customer service team.

Q. What can I do if my baggage is lost, stolen or damaged?

A. Any lost or damaged baggage must be reported to the airlines handling agent at your destination airport, and you will be required to complete a form. To claim for damaged or lost luggage, you must send a copy of the form to your travel insurance company within 21 days of when you were supposed to receive your baggage.

Q. Are meals included on the flights

A. In some cases they will be, but certain airlines do not include them. These are usually the low cost airlines. You may be offered the chance to pay an additional charge for receiving meals. Please check with your airline before departure.

Q. Which documents are needed for travel?

A. All passengers must have a valid passport and the relevant visa for their holiday. You may not be allowed to travel if you do not have these documents. Please check very carefully before you arrive.

Q. What is the Advanced Passenger Information (API) requirement?

A. Certain countries have a requirement which involves collecting passenger information from those entering the country. This is a very simple process. It is usually carried out at check-in, and relevant data is collected by swiping passports. This is not expected to cause any extra delays, and customers should not notice any difference at check-in.

Accommodation & Flights
Q. How can I check to see if my flight is delayed?

A. Please visit  and enter your flight number to check for delays

Q. How can I check which terminal my flight is from?

A. Please visit the and navigate to the relevant airport. If you enter your flight number all of your departure information will be displayed

Q. What is my hotel check-in and check-out time?

A. Most hotels have afternoon check in times on the day of arrival, and require guests check out in the morning on their day of departure.

Checks out times are usually the same for all guests regardless of their flight times. However, late check outs can sometimes be requested. Early check ins are only available if the previous guests have checked out a day or more in advance.

Q. What are the differences between villas, studios and apartments?

A. Typical facilities for Hotel Rooms, Villas, Apartments and Studios

Hotel Rooms usually have a double or twin bed plus bathroom facilities. Features such as televisions, kitchen facilities and balconies vary between hotels. Family rooms will usually have extra bedding, whilst suites will be more spacious than standard rooms with additional facilities.

Villas usually have the following facilities: an open plan lounge, beds in each bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and private terraces. They often have gardens and some may have a private swimming pool.

Apartments usually have the following facilities: An open plan living/sleeping area, 2 beds in each bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom. Additional beds will normally be sofa beds.

Studios usually have the following facilities: an open plan living/sleeping area with kitchen, and a private bathroom

Q. What can I expect in an all inclusive hotel?

A. All food and drinks are usually included, although this can vary depending on the accommodation. Hotel entertainment will usually be included.

Q. What’s included in half board holidays?

A. Half-board hotels include breakfast and evening meals in your accommodation price.

Q. What’s included in a bed and breakfast holiday?

A. This means that only breakfast is included in your accommodation package. 

Q. What do self catering holidays include?

A. This means that guests are provided with cooking facilities, but no meals are provided by the hotel.

Q. What’s included on a room only basis?

A. This means that no meals or cooking facilities will be available

Q. Are some hotel facilities limited at certain times of the year?

A. Certain hotels only provide their full range of facilities during peak summer months.

Q. How do Allocated on Arrival Holidays (AOA) work?

A. This means that the standard of your accommodation and board basis are guaranteed, but the specific hotel is allocated on arrival by your holiday company. This can save a lot of money if you book late and you’re flexible, but its not recommended if you have certain location requirements (e.g. centre of resort, close to the beach, hotel swimming pool, etc). The operator sometimes has extra conditions for these holidays. One of these is normally a 15 kg per baggage allowance.

Health & Insurance
Q. Do I need medical insurance if I’m travelling within the EU?

A. All travellers are advised to take out insurance for holidays to EU destinations. Emergency treatment is usually available to all EU citizens, but high charges may sometimes apply

Q. Should I arrange travel insurance before I go?

A. Yes! It is extremely important that you take out adequate insurance, even for short trips or visits to Europe. The travel insurance policy we provide is an excellent low cost scheme which comes with a price guarantee. It is important to take this out at the time of booking so that you are adequately covered in the event of cancellation. Most tour operators make it a condition of booking that you have adequate cover.

Q. What are the E111 & EHIC forms?

A. The E111 form is no longer valid. You will now need a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) to receive free or reduced cost of healthcare when visiting certain European countries. We strongly advise you to obtain an EHIC application from the Post Office before travelling on holiday.

Q. Do I need to pay if I become hospitalised overseas?

A. Your insurance company will normally pay these fees. They should also pay for you to be flown back to the UK if necessary. If you’re not insured, you will need to cover the cost Q. What do I need to know about DVT?

A. A deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is a blood clot (thrombus) that develops in a vein which is deep inside your body. This normally occurs in the lower leg. This can cause severe pain in the leg and can lead to medical complications. Evidence suggests that flights lasting longer than 4 hours can increase the risk of developing DVT. The risk is caused by long periods of sitting completely still, and can happen during any form of long distance travel

Please seek medical advice if you feel you may be at high risk of developing a DVT. The risk of developing a DVT appears to be very low. However, it can be reduced further by taking the following measures.

  • Try to exercise your legs every 2-3 hours by walking along the aisle.
  • Try to drink plenty of water rather than alcohol and hot drinks
  • Wear comfortable loose-fitting clothing

If you experience any pain or swelling in your leg, or have any breathing problems after travelling, please seek medical advice urgently.

Q. Are there any rules on flying when pregnant?

A. Many airlines have different rules on this. Some require a doctor’s note confirming that you are healthy enough to fly, and some only allow travel up to the 28th week. Please ensure that you are adequately covered under your insurance policy, as many policies only cover up to the 28th week. Please check your documents for any restrictions that may apply during pregnancy.

Q. Is wheelchair assistance available?

A. This is usually available, but we must inform the airline at least 14 days before departure. Please contact us as soon as possible if you need assistance. We will do our best to make sure that all necessary personnel and equipment are ready for your arrival.

Q. How can I prevent myself from becoming ill overseas?

A. Check what vaccinations you need with your GP at least six weeks before you travel. Make sure that any medication you need to take is legal in the country you are travelling to and take the prescription with you.

Q. What immunisations do I require?

A. Many countries have widely different immunisation entry requirements.  It is best to consult your travel agent or GP well before departure to ensure that you fulfil these

Q. How can I avoid sunburn?

A. Take care. Even when it's cloudy you can burn. Babies and children are particularly susceptible to sunburn and high factor sun protection is essential. The same is true of adults, particularly those with fair skin. The best advice is to keep out of the sun when it is at its most intense. The sun is at its strongest in the middle of the day, between 11 am and 3pm. During this time stay in the shade when you can, or if there is no shade it is advised to protect your skin with clothing.

Q. Which sunscreen factor should I apply?

A. It is advised to choose one that says it protects against both UVA and UVB radiation from the sun. This may be labelled ‘broad spectrum'. The SPF (sun protection factor) tells you the amount of protection the sun cream gives against UVB radiation. It is recommended to buy at least factor 15 as it gives the best balance between protection and cost. Generally cheaper sun blocks are just as effective as expensive one as they are all tested in the same way. Although it is important to check the ‘use by' date, most creams last around 2-3 years.

Sun block guide:

Factor 15 - only 7% of the harmful UVB rays will get through

Factor 30 - only 4% of the harmful UVB rays will get through

Factor 60 - only 2% of the harmful UVB rays will get through

Q. What should I take in terms of first aid?

A. Try to include a few essential items in your luggage. Even the most basic first aid kit should include insect repellent, plasters, antiseptic cream, prescribed medication, cotton wool, and after-sun.

Passengers with Reduced Mobility:

The majority of the Travel Services that we offer are generally suitable for all persons, however it is your responsibility to advise us, prior to booking, if you have reduced mobility or of any conditions/disabilities that may affect your holiday. Upon your request we will enquire with the Service Provider about the suitability of the Travel Service for you, taking into account your specific needs. Travelsoon cannot however guarantee the suitability and it is therefore recommended that you also make your own independent enquiries to ensure the Travel Service of your choice is suitable for your particular requirements before making your booking.

United Arab Emirates – Travelling With Medication

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) has updated the travel advice for UAE with an update to the Health section (Medication).


If you’re planning to travel with prescribed or over the counter medicines for personal use, you’ll need to meet the UAE’s specific requirements for your medicine to be allowed into the country.


The legal status and regulation of some medicines prescribed or purchased in the UK can be different in other countries. In the UAE, some prescribed and over the counter medicines are considered controlled substances and can’t be brought into the country without prior permission from the UAE Ministry of Health.


If you’re planning to travel with any prescribed or over the counter medicines for personal use, you’ll need to meet the UAE’s specific requirements for your medicine to be allowed into the country.

If you’re entering the country with medication that the UAE classes as narcotic, psychotropic, controlled or semi-controlled, approval is needed from the UAE authorities. A list of medicines where this rule applies, allowed quantities and documents to present can be found on the UAE Ministry of Health website.

Approval can be requested in advance or on arrival. To gain approval prior to travelling, you can apply online using the electronic application form and accompanying user guide on the UAE Ministry of Health website. The UAE authorities advise that applications are normally processed within 5 working days. If you arrive in the UAE without prior approval, you will be asked to present the documents cited on the list above. It is not guaranteed that you will receive approval.

If you arrive in the UAE without prior approval or the required documentation, the medication will not be allowed into the UAE and you may be prosecuted under UAE law. If you need more information on controlled medicines or the process for obtaining permission, you should use the Ministry of Health travellers’ guidelines, or contact the UAE Ministry of Health directly by emailing, or calling +971 800 11111.

If you’re travelling in transit through a UAE airport and do not intend on entering the country, or are entering the country with other types of medicine not listed in the above, you’re not required to go through this approval process.

In all cases, there are limits on the amount of medication that can be brought into the country legally. The Ministry of Health advise that you can bring up to 3 months’ supply of medication as a visitor, reduced to one month’s supply if the medication is included in the list requiring approval.

Visa & Passport Requirements
Q. Which information should I check on my passport and tickets?

A. It is important that the name(s) and initials on your flight tickets exactly match those on the passports of everyone in your party. Make sure you have a full passport which is valid until through the duration of your holiday. Many countries insist you have 6 months remaining after your return date. If you have any doubts about the validity or condition of your passport please contact the Passport Office.

Q. Will my children need passports?

A. Since 5 October 1998 children under 16 have been required to hold their own passport. Children already included on a parent's passport are not affected by this change and can continue to travel on these passports until they reach the age of sixteen or when the passport expires.

Q. How can I apply for a passport?

A. If you need to obtain a new passport you should do so in good time. It normally takes about 4 weeks to obtain a passport by post, but this time may vary depending upon which passport office you apply to and the time of year. The Passport Office gives further information on a recorded message on 0870 5210410 (check your operator charges). Alternatively, please visit where you can apply for a passport online.

Q. Will I need a visa for my destination?

A. Visas are required by British citizens for a number of our destinations. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have the correct travel documentation. Visas may be required for entry into non-EU countries. Information about visa requirements may be found by accessing individual country pages on the website office commonwealth and foreign.

Q. Do I still need a visa if I’m not a British citizen?

A. If you are not a British citizen you should consult the Embassy of the country of destination, and the Home Office Immigration Department to check whether you require any special documentation for the countries you are visiting or for return.

Amendments and Cancellations
Q: What if I want to change something on my booking?

A: Make sure you check your confirmation email and tickets carefully when you receive them. If you need to contactus to amend any booking details, including changing names, please do so as soon as possible. It may not be possible to make the change you are requesting and there will be a fee to make any changes.

Q: Who should I contact if I have a question after booking my holiday?

A: For any enquiries regarding existing bookings including making payments, please call our Customer Services Team on 01708 412 280 and quote your booking reference number.

Q: Some details on my tickets are incorrect. What should I do?

A: As soon as you receive your tickets, please inform us of any issues by calling Customer Services

Q: How do I cancel / amend my holiday booking?

A: For information on how to cancel or amend your holiday, please call Customer Services

Further Support
Q: My question hasn’t been covered here. Who should I contact?

A: Please call Customer Services on 01708 412 280

Q: What are the opening times for customer services?

A: Customer Services is open
Monday to Friday : 09.00 – 20.00
Saturday : 09.00 - 17.00
Sunday : 10.00 - 16.00
(The best time to call is between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m.).

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