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Visiting Majorca? Want the best Majorca deals? You’ve come to the right place. With its stunning beaches and a mild climate, the island offers a variety of holiday packages. Majorca deals will satisfy even the pickiest traveller. Whether you are looking for the most luxurious hotel, the most popular - or a budget hotel, they are available in abundance. If you want to take a short break in Majorca, you can also look into renting an apartment instead of getting a hotel room. Some of these apartments are in resort areas where there are expanded services, so you will still benefit from some of the amenities of a hotel.

Majorca Attractions

The Majorcan climate is not unique from the Mediterranean climate. Normally, the island experiences hot summers and the rainfall is fairly low. Autumn provides a great experience as you get to enjoy the sunshine without the great heat. During the winter, the climate beats that of northern Europe. The island has a record of low levels of precipitation making it the ideal place to relax and enjoy your sun soaked holidays.The island's native flavours along with Spanish cuisine are an added attraction of Majorca holidays. The Spanish and native specialties provide a variety of marvellous sausages and delicious seafoods that you will want to try out. There are over 2,400 restaurants here, ranging from small bars to full-scale eateries. They prepare a variety of dishes, with olives and almonds being typical of the Majorcan diet. Most restaurants provide a beautiful terrace for you to enjoy the sun as you have your meal.

Majorca Activities

Other Majorca attractions include outdoor sports, nature, history and culture – and evening entertainment in your hotel. Outdoor sports include jogging, golfing, water sports like surfing and swimming, and wind surfing. Hundreds of birds flock to Majorca annually, also making it a great place to go bird watching. You can also visit the island’s many historic sites and museums, while day trips also include amusement parks, zoos and aquariums for the whole family to enjoy.