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Playa De Las Americas, Tenerife Holidays


Playa De Las Americas is situated on the island of Tenerife. It spreads from the beautiful volcanic Mount Teide down to the white-yellow sand beaches of the coast. It is a sub tropical island filled with beautiful flowers and great wildlife, which makes it a popular holiday destination. The geographical location of Mount Teide shelters the north of Tenerife making it cooler than the south. However, temperatures remain constant throughout the year as it lies on the Mediterranean Sea and 200km from the North West coast of Africa, giving the island a year-round warm climate.

Playa De Las Americas Attractions

Tenerife is naturally rocky but thanks to the innovation of shipping tons of fine Sahara Desert sand to the island, you’ll find many beautiful beaches. These are famed for their great water sports, such as windsurfing, diving and sailing. The waters around the beaches are very safe and great for children. Playa De Las Americas Tenerife benefits from a host of great restaurants. You can enjoy Italian and Mexican dishes from different eateries, as well as the island’s unique range of cuisine. If you don’t know what to order, feel free to ask for the dish of the day known locally as “plato del dia”. These meals include fresh seafood, plus local fruits and vegetables. Make sure you sample the mouthwatering traditional pudding made of almond, honey and “frogollo.”

Playa De Las Americas Nightlife

Don’t expect Playa De Las Americas Tenerife to go to sleep at night. When darkness falls, some seriously stylish nightclubs come to life. They offer all sorts of entertainment, from clubbing to live performances - to foam parties and discos playing various genres of music. Tenerife also has a host of great casinos to choose from.